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Traits Writing

Provide your students with a yearlong solution to make them strong, vigorous writers with this revolutionary writing program. Inspired by 25 years of research and best practices, Traits Writing supplies educators with the tools needed to inform and target writing instruction to meet each student’s needs.


  • Yearlong plan based on a spiraled sequence of the key characteristics of good writing
  • Clear direction on whole-class, small-group and one-on one writing instruction
  • Carefully timed assessments based on easy-to-follow scoring guides

Easy-to-use digital assessment tools to track writing progress:

Supplement any writing program with this digital record-keeping and reporting system. Trait Tracker assesses student strengths and weaknesses by each trait of good writing. Bring out the best in your instruction by guiding students in areas where they need help the most.

Trait Tracker Features:

  • Aggregate student or class scores
  • Ability to separate classes into differentiated groups
  • Trait scores that convert to letter grades
  • Option to print and export to Excel
  • Student data that can be shared with parents and administrators
  • One-time download purchase

Interactive whiteboard activities to teach writing successfully:

Model the writing process—prewriting, drafting, revising and editing with this interactive whiteboard tool for K–8 teachers. Organized around the traits of good writing, the diverse range of Writeboard activities helps students inform their thinking and guide their decisions.

WriteBoard Features:

  • Opportunities for whole-class, small-group and one-on-one activities
  • Tools to support Traits Writing and all other writing programs
  • Trait-specific interactive activities
  • Built-in games
  • Benchmark papers
  • Scoring guides
  • One-time download purchase

Give students excellent models of writing!

Writing Traits Book Bundles are bundles of 24 books that capture a range of genres, topics, and cultural and historical contexts. Within each bundle of books, there are four titles to support each trait of the writing process. This program provides opportunities for whole-class read alouds, small-group discussions and additional activities described in the Teacher’s Guide.

Traits Writing Book Bundles Includes:

  • Background information on each trait and its key qualities
  • An annotated and illustrated list of books in the bundle,organized by trait
  • Fun, effective, teacher-tested activities, based on each trait’s key qualities
  • A chart for identifying each book’s target traits
  • A form for recording model picture books that teachers find on their own
  • A grade-specific teacher’s guide
  • A sturdy storage tub


Each Grade K – 5 Trait Crate Includes:

  • Sing-along Trait Songs, a music CD (K – 2)
  • 6 picture books hand selected for teaching the traits
  • 6 teaching guides
  • Transparencies and colorful posters
  • Color-coded stickers
  • Professional Book
  • Classroom-tested lessons that boost writing skills

Each Grade 6 – 8 Trait Crate Includes:

  • 6 trade books
  • 6 Teaching Guides
  • CD with mentor-text passages, whiteboard activities, and student reproducibles
  • Professional book, posters, stickers, and file folders