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Scholastic Learning Materials (Print)

Reading provides the basis of learning in the English language and other academic subjects. Scholastic provides a comprehensive yet targeted range of materials that aims to put students' reading comprehension skills to practice and facilitate their mastery of the English language.

Featured Learning Resources

Scholastic Study Smart

Scholastic Study Smart workbooks are high quality education resources based on materials developed by teaching professionals. Each workbook is filled with age-appropriate and pedagogically sound activities that support learners on the road to learning and mastery. Learn more


Scholastic Learning Express
Scholastic Learning Express

Scholastic Learning Express is a series of activity books filled with teacher-approved activities and motivating features. These colorful workbooks make learning meaningful and fun while developing self-confidence in learners. Learn more 

Scholastic In Action

Scholastic In Action boosts learners' vocabulary and language skills with engaging and humorous graphics. This unique and light-hearted approach makes the learning of what can be tricky topics fun and effective for learners of all levels. Learn more 

Scholastic Sam and Sally
Scholastic Sam and Sally

Scholastic Sam and Sally is filled with fun hidden picture puzzles. As learners search for and color the hidden pictures, they learn vocabulary in context and develop spatial intelligence. Learn more

Scholastic My World
Scholastic My World

Scholastic My World makes learning vocabulary enjoyable and promotes visual literacy through picture stories. It takes young learners on a delightful journey to discover their world. Learn more


Geronimo Stilton Academy
Geronimo Stilton Academy

Geronimo Stilton Academy helps learners become mouse-ter-ful readers and writers. Based on the best-selling children's book series, it makes learning English as enjoyable as chewing off a large chunk of cheese! Learn more


Scholastic Learners

Scholastic Learners English language learning and teaching resources provide targeted skills development to meet the different needs of learners. The resources are categorized into grammar, vocabulary, reading and comprehension, writing, assessment and reference. Within each category, various series focus on different topics or approaches, making it easy for teachers and students to select the appropriate resource for school use or independent home practice. 

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Scholastic Mathematical Problem Solving - The Bar Model Method
Mathematical Problem Solving - The Bar Model Method

The Bar Model Method is a key problem solving strategy Used By Global Top Performer, Singapore.

This professional learning workbook introduces teachers to the fundamentals of using the Bar Model Method, providing the basis and process of understanding different types of word problems and deriving the bar models to solve them. 

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