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Build a List of Resources for your Classroom and Library
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Online resource for educators and librarians to create customized collections of books. Contact your local Scholastic agents to order.
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Classroom Plans for Teachers
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Thousands of lesson plans, unit plans, discussion guides, and extension activities!
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Visit The Teacher Store
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Check out the wide variety of teaching and educational materials. Contact your local Scholastic agents to order.
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Scholastic Literacy Pro
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Scholastic Literacy Pro is a researched-based, online assessment resource that provides teachers with evidence-based data so they are informed when making teaching/ learning decisions to develop their students into successful, proficient readers.

Scholastic Reading Programmes

Scholastic has a huge database of Lexile-measured books that allows easy matching of books to students' Lexile scores. Providing students immediate access to their 'just-right' readers motivates them to continue reading.

Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics
Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics

Scholastic PR1ME™ mathematics is a world class program proven to be the world's best practice, based on top-performing nations, Singapore, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong.

Scholastic Learning Materials (Print)

Scholastic provides a comprehensive yet targeted range of quality books and resources that aims to building strong language skills and facilitate their mastery of the English language.

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